Don’t buy it.

Masterpass it.


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Launching Masterpass and positioning a finance giant as a technology leader.

When Mastercard expanded into the world of digital wallets, it found a true partner in BNO. Faced with the challenge of creating differentiation in a crowded space, our team set out to recreate the magic of online shopping.

As the digital AOR for Masterpass, we worked with Mastercard to redesign and deploy a branded site for three audiences – consumer, merchants, and issuers – while also providing ongoing site support and management for up to 51 regions and multiple languages. To bring to life key product benefits, including security and convenience, we created a digital experience that emphasized simplicity, seamlessness, and secure connectivity. With those principles driving UX, design, and messaging, BNO was able to build a brand identity that positioned Mastercard as a forward-thinking, people-centric technology leader.

In a national user testing study measuring Masterpass against its main competitor Visa Checkout, the newly designed Masterpass site outscored the Visa Checkout site on many metrics.*
*Source: Masterpass Website Evaluation Study, prepared by Kantar Added Value.