Johnson & Johnson

Nod – The gift of a good night’s sleep


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Using the power of video storytelling
to make “Nod” our baby.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer wanted an engaging and informative video to launch its new app, “Nod.” This Digital Baby Sleep Coach app was designed to support parents in understanding and managing their babies’ sleep, to lead to healthier, happier outcomes for babies, moms, dads, and families. “Nod” works with a baby sleep monitor and wearable sensor developed by Rest Devices, LLC. BNO partnered with the J&J Consumer innovation team and the owners of Rest Devices to create the video for the app’s launch at CES 2017. The video is also featured on and J&J’s social media channels.

The unique challenge was to deliver a video that explained a complex, layered business story on the app development from multiple perspectives. Shooting in two locations and interviewing three stakeholders (and a baby), the video was produced within four weeks to meet the CES deadline. Ultimately, our team was able to create the perfect balance in tone – informational, while also capturing the warmth of the “Nod” brand.

Received mentions on the Today show, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and Engadget.